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A Wonderful Holiday Getaway in Marseille, France

For breathtaking scenery and fresh, lively city life, Marseille is one of the most engaging cities in France to visit. The tourism industry is growing to house a lot more accommodations for travelers than ever before. The attractions in the city are abundant, and you can find a wonderful culture and presence throughout the city. Marseille is the second largest city and the third largest metropolitan area in France. Visiting this area is a joy because of the rich culture that envelops the city.

When traveling to Marseille, the Vieux Port is a must see. It is completely unique and sure to be an area that you will never forget. It is the old harbor in the city, and there are many fisherman doing their daily tasks, selling their catches along the city streets. You can also see incredible views from the Pharo Palace, and this area is central to many of the other attractions in the city. The Notre Dame le Garde is another spectacular landmark to visit while in Marseille. It is a large church with stunning city views and a lovely facade. Some other locations to visit in the area include the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Docks Romains.

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Sightseeing Of Marseille

Walk the Corniche by the sea for an enchanting nighttime view of the deep blue sea, and then visit the Place Castellane complete with an impressive fountain. This is a central area for restaurants, cafes, and cinemas in Marseille. The Parc Borely is a great place to spend a day relaxing at the park. In the center of the park, you will find an old monument that now hosts exhibitions and museums.

Marseille has been nominated the European Capital of Culture in 2013, and as such, there are a number of cultural events in the city to take notice of. There are a number of music festivals held in the city throughout the year, and you can also experience “the Blue Festival” in June and the festival du Plateau in September. You can enter the city by train as the buses are the most popular form of public transportation. If you prefer, you can also travel by plane, by bus, or by car from Nice to Marseille. A car trip from Nice to Marseilles should only take approximately two hours. A video tour of the city will show you the impressive port and the fantastic views that you can experience in this French metropolitan hub.

le Vieux Port (old harbour): watching fishermen selling their stock by auction is a must. Arriving to Marseille in the Vieux-Port on a summer evening is something you will never forget... You can watch this show by going to Frioul islands or Chateau d'If and going back late in the afternoon. there is also a nice view on the harbor from the Palais du Pharo (Pharo Palace). The famous Canebiere avenue goes straight down the harbor. However the Canebiere is not that interesting despite its reputation.