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Innovation Tells the Story of Montpellier in France

Montpellier is an inventive city that is growing and flourishing every year. It may not have the old world charm of some other European cities, but it is a city with energy and vigor. You will find this city in the southern part of France, and it is Languedoc-Roussillon's capital. The rolling hills in the city create a beautiful natural environment, and the city houses a number of interesting attractions and restaurants for visitors to experience historical culture and native dishes. Any excursion to Montpellier should begin with the Place de la Comedie, and this square houses a gorgeous fountain called the Three Graces.

You will also want to visit the Place Royale du Peyrou, the Cathedrale Saint-Pierre, the Musee Fabre, and the Botanical Gardens. The Porte du Peyrou is an exquisite archway, and the arch has a distinct historical significance for the area. You can also visit the chateaux in the area and the many beautiful cathedrals and churches.


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Sightseeing Of Montpellier

Montpellier is also home to one of the oldest Universities in Europe and a number of sporting events. Football is the most popular sport as in most other European countries, but there are also a number of rugby leagues in Montpellier. You can also find ice hockey and handball tournaments in the city. Cultural events include festivals with an emphasis on fine arts. Music and concert halls abound so it is not difficult to find entertainment in Montpellier.

In addition to these attractions, you can also find a significant number of shopping opportunities in Montpellier. The Castellane Market is the most frequented shopping area in the city. For restaurants, you will find everything from tea salons to the Caves Jean Jaures. There are also a few good bookstores in the area that carry English books and novels.

Montpellier travel in France is an excellent experience for anyone that wants to experience a fresh, inviting atmosphere of tolerance and acceptance. Entrance to the city can take place in a number of ways, by air, by train, by car or by boat, and the most common of these being a train ride from Paris to Montpellier lasting approximately three hours. A video of the area may help you find the best place to stay and the places that you most want to visit on your trip. Walk through the city streets or lounge outside of one of the quaint cafes to experience the splendor of Montpellier.