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Remarkable Architecture and History in Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is one of the most prominent cities in France for a few different reasons. The Grand Ile in the center of the city is officially recognized as a World Heritage Site because of its remarkable architecture and historical significance, and the city hosts a number of important sessions and meetings. The European Parliament, the Council of Europe, and the Eurocorps all convene in Strasbourg. Tourists find this a wonderful destination because of the breathtaking, historic city center that can easily be explored by foot or bicycle in just a few days.

The most distinguished area of the city is Grand Ile, and you will find a variety of sites, landmarks, museums, and churches to explore in this part of Strasbourg. The Notre Dame Cathedral dates back to the 10 th century and emphasizes the impressive architectural styles that can be found in other parts of the city. The Palais des Rohan is a palace that was constructed after the French took control of the town in 1681. The French Palace now holds a number of museums with exhibitions on fine arts and archaeology. A video tour of Strasbourg can give you a glimpse of the exquisite architecture found in the area.


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Sightseeing Of Strasbourg

After you have explored the Grand Ile, you will find a lot of other nearby attractions in Strasbourg. The Orangerie is a park constructed in a lovely classical style. This park has a zoo that is free to the public and a great playground for children. The Christmas markets are also quite popular in this area, and the most appealing can be found at place Broglie and place de la Cathedrale. At these places, you can find delightful Christmas cookies and hot wine to enjoy. The food in the area is excellent, and the Alsatian specialties are definitely something to try while you are in town. You can find a variety of restaurants to choose from, traditional restaurants that sell Alsatian inspired dishes or gourmet specialties in the more upscale bistros.

If you are looking for a hotel in Strasbourg, you will not be disappointed. The hotel accommodations in this area are very good, and you can also find out more information from the staff on how to travel through the city via trains or buses. Strasbourg is a great city to visit to better understand the history of France. The influence of the European Parliament and other governmental affairs can be seen in many distinct locations.