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Cologne Sightseeing Attractions and Culture

The culture and size of Cologne has encouraged travelers to take notice of the city. Cologne is a melting pot of history, fine arts, and architecture. The structures found in this city are amazing, and the sightseeing attractions are virtually endless. Cologne is a large city located on the Rhine River. Tourism is thriving in this city as well as media, commerce, and trade. The area is extremely tolerant and is known as the “gay capital” of Germany. This trendy German city is alive with growth and vitality as it expands every year to include new landmarks, shops, and restaurants.


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Sightseeing Of Cologne

When you visit Cologne to travel, you will definitely want to stop by the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kolner Dom. It is an exquisite gold building that has been immaculately preserved. The Cathedral is one of the most prominent buildings in the city, and you may also want to visit the Die Kolner Synagogue with its interesting Gothic structures. The traditional neighborhoods, also known as Veedel, surrounding the city are comprised of mostly Gothic architecture also, and there you will find churches, schools, bookshops, and restaurants. The museums and galleries in the area are exceptional, and there are exhibits of modern and ancient art, design, and history.

The landmarks are only one aspect to the attractions offered in Cologne. The vibrant culture is seen throughout the town and there are a number of festivals and events held annually. Experience the Winter Carnival or the Cologne Gay Pride festival for a memorable event that gives credence to the idea that this town is the cultural hub of Germany. You can also explore the fantastic zoo and aquarium or the Phantasialand, a local amusement park. The Claudius Therme is an acclaimed spa featuring relaxing pools and saunas. And for additional entertainment, visit the Metropolis cinema to catch a flick in English or German.

One aspect of this city that makes it an inviting place to visit is the disposition of the local residents. They are generally very friendly and willing to help tourists navigate the area and learn the language. They will also point you in the direction of the best restaurants and shopping venues so to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Flights to the area are frequent and sometimes inexpensive depending on when you book and how far you're traveling from. Hotels in Cologne offer an array of different amenities. You can find economical hotels or classy resorts. For a comprehensive look at all of the sites and attractions that Cologne has to offer, a video guide can help you plan your ideal holiday.