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Visit Dusseldorf for a Glimpse into the History and Culture of Post World War II Germany

Dusseldorf is a prominent city in Germany as it is the capital of the North Rhine-Westphalia state on the Rhine River. The city is a cultural and economic center for Germany that hosts a number of different festivals and events every year attracting more than four million tourists to the city annually. Like much of Germany, the city underwent a serious collapse during World War II, and this decimated many of the historic buildings in the area. Since that time, the city has been rebuilt and has paved the way for more modern architecture in the city.

When you begin to explore the city, take note of the Old Town because it is famous for the way it has been revitalized in the past few decades. Even though the original buildings were destroyed, the architecture in this particular area was rebuilt to mirror a historic city center. So although the buildings are new, they will appear to be ancient works of art. You will find great shopping and bars in this area to compliment the beautiful designs of the buildings.



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Sightseeing Of Dusseldorf

For a brief look into the history of the area, visit the Burgplatz castle square, and there you will find a tower that is the only piece of the actual castle that has survived the centuries. It is now host to a navigation museum. The Cart wheeler's Fountain is definitely a site to behold, and it gives insight into culture of the area with the phrase “We will stay cart wheelers, however crazy the world might be.”

The promenade in Dusseldorf is spectacular, and it is found on the bank of the Rhine River. The promenade is lined with shops, bars, and cafes so that you can rest on the sidewalk and enjoy the views. You may also want to visit the area churches including St. Lambert's Basilica and the Neander-church both with sizeable history that has influenced everything from the altar to the parishioners. After you visit all of these attractions, you may want to consider the city monument because it is a tribute to local heritage, culture, and history. There are a number of other monuments located throughout the city, also.

A video travel guide can help you find the best attractions, restaurants, and accommodations for holidays in Dusseldorf. Travel to the area will give you a large selection of places to stay in the area, and a hotel in Dusseldorf will offer you excellent amenities and reasonable prices as long as you have the right information.