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Frankfurt is a large, active city with a growing financial and business sector. The skyline is magnificent, and the soaring heights of the skyscrapers sit in sharp contrast to some of the more diminutive buildings in the city. The city is located on a river, and in German, the city is referred to as Frankfurt am Main because of its close proximity to the prominent river. One of the largest stock exchanges in Germany is housed in this city, and it is also home to the European Central Bank.

In addition to the commerce and trade that can be found in this area, you can also experience rare history by visiting attractions such as the Romerberg, Dom, Alte Oper, Sachsenhausen, and the Pualskirche. Romerberg is considered the old city of Frankfurt, and it is home to many 14 th and 15 th century architectural designs and the Archaologische Garten. The Dom is also known as St. Baroholomeus' Cathedral, and it was constructed in the 14 th century as a Gothic style church. The Cathedral holds great historical significance because it was the location where many notable emperors gained their crowns. The Alter Oper is a building created with Renaissance designs, and although the site is no longer used to host operas, there are still a number of concerts and events held there every year.


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After you explore these magnificent buildings, you may want to visit one of the many excellent museums in Frankfurt. Travel to the German Architecture Museum, Art Museums, and the Museum of World Cultures to gain a more thorough understanding of how the city has been influenced over the centuries by their heritage, culture, and the fine arts. You may also want to explore some of the bridges throughout the city. Since the city is situated on water, there are quite a few unique bridges and waterways that can be viewed from a distance. The skyline is magnificent at night when the buildings are lit and the peaks almost touch the clouds.

Travel into the city is usually done by air, and the airport is called Frankfurt Airport. This is a very busy airport with a number of daily flights all over Germany and internationally. There are a variety of Hotels in Frankfurt to choose from, and you can inexpensive hotels or hotels equipped with a spa, fancy dining options, and first class amenities. A video tour may help you decide which attractions to visit and show you the best location to choose a hotel in the city.