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The Beauty and Majesty of Stuttgart, Germany

Gorgeous scenery and luxury cars await you in Stuttgart, Germany. This area is renowned as the headquarters of the Mercedes Benz factory as well as the Porsche factory. Both Porsche and Mercedes Benz have museums in the area for a close look at the detail that goes into manufacturing the elite vehicles. The people in the area are exceptionally friendly, and they will not be offended if you don't speak the language. They do have their own special dialect, so if you do speak German, it is good to be aware of that as you tour the city.

In addition to the automotive museums, you can also find technical museums, contemporary arts museums, historical art museums, and an ethnological museum. A wonderful zoo called the Wilhelma zoological and botanical gardens is nestled among the metropolitan clamor, and this is a great attraction for children, families, or any animal lovers. A planetarium is also located in the city of Stuttgart, and this area can give you a glimpse into the inner-workings of the stars, the sky, and beyond.


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Sightseeing Of Stuttgart

World War II largely decimated the area, but there are a few buildings that remained intact. Many have since been rebuilt, although you will still see signs of damage throughout the city. To see the best of Stuttgart, you may want to consider visiting these attractions: Altes Schloss, Prinzenbau, Solitude Schloss Solitude, and Liederhalle. You will also find a myriad of different churches with excellent historical significance, and a lot of towers to enjoy the surrounding vistas. The parks and gardens make for a relaxing and comfortable day lounging on the beautiful lawns or ambling down the lovely paths.

The culture of Stuttgart is heavily influenced by German art and music. Visit the theatre for a concert of stop by one of the many interesting art galleries. Music is a cornerstone of entertainment in Stuttgart, and some of the theatres produce ballets and plays. A number of festivals are held in the city every year including the Wine festival, Volkfest, Fruhligsfest, and the Stuttgart Summer Festival.

Attractions, hotels, restaurants, and other accommodations for Stuttgart travel can be found in one of the many travel guides on the area. The most common way to enter the city is to take a flight from Berlin to Stuttgart. Germany is an exciting country with an array of appealing cities to choose from, but Stuttgart stands out as one of the most beautiful areas in all of Germany because of the Lichtenstein Castle situated on top of a rocky peak with majestic spires and turn of the century architectural styles.