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Found in the north of the British territory of Gibraltar, the city of Gibraltar is its capital. Situated in the middle of the Strait of Gibraltar, it is surrounded by water, which makes it a scenic place for a relaxing vacation. The territory of Gibraltar is found on the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula, which puts it in the Mediterranean. With a history that reaches back to the year 711, Gibraltar travel puts you in close proximity to a variety of landmarks, attractions, and activities.

Because of its northern border with Spain, you can easily venture north to visit many exciting areas there during your Gibraltar vacation. By bus, you can also visit several other nearby areas and there are also boat trips to Morocco several times a day. While visiting the sights of Gibraltar, you can easily get around on foot and see the main points around the whole territory.

Gibraltar, Gibraltar travel is filled with sightseeing opportunities on all sides. Europa Point is one of the most famous places in the area and it provides views of the African coast. Some other points of interest include Upper Rock, St. Michael's Cave, the Gibraltar Museum, and Siege Tunnels. You can also enjoy one of the many dolphin-watching tours found in the area. The Mediterranean Steps, which is a walking path, is another point of interest with breathtaking views.


During your visit to Gibraltar, you can also take advantage of a multitude of eateries, many lodging options, a variety of cafes, and many other areas of interest. The area is characterized by a Subtropical-Mediterranean Climate, which makes for wonderful travel weather. With warm weather and beautiful scenery, Gibraltar is the ideal locale for a relaxing vacation. The plethora of activities and landmarks in the area make it easy to enjoy your stay.



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