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Find Peaceful Solace on the Island of Corfu in Greece

Corfu is one of the most renowned Ionian Islands off the coast of mainland Greece, and it is an ideal destination for families. The children in Corfu can play in the streets without danger, and many of the locals will welcome children to the city in a special way. Corfu is also a great place to find beautiful beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and quaint villages. The climate is warm and mostly dry so there is sure to be a great deal of sunlight if you choose to visit Corfu. Travel accommodations are very nice, and many people find that this area is a peaceful, restful environment.

Corfu is most well known by travelers for its exceptional natural beauty, the magnificent seascape, and the rich history found throughout the city. You can visit a number of the picturesque villages and greet some of the charming locals. One nice thing about traveling to Corfu and Greece in general is that many of the people in the area are friendly and kind. They also usually enjoy talking to tourists. Nymphes is a gorgeous village with wells, waterfalls, and a mystical past, and Kynopiastes is a more classical village with old mansions and delightful restaurants. You may also want to visit Lakones, Roda, and Achielleion. Achilleion is a magnificent ancient palace with Achilles as the focal point and center statue.



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If you are looking for activities in the area, you will of course want to visit the lovely beaches, and there are a number that you can choose from some more popular than others. However, you may want to look at choosing a more secluded beach for relaxation and a peaceful atmosphere. Aqualand is an enjoyable water park in the area, although you will probably not want to stay there all day. The beaches are much more inviting than the water park, as there are only a few rides, and it can be crowded with tourists. Some of the other activities in the area include walking, yachting, and tasting some of the excellent food and drinks in the area.

To find the best attractions in the area, city maps can show you the best location to stay, shop, eat, and sunbathe. For ideal holidays on the beach under the warm Mediterranean sun, a video of Corfu will show you the magnificent seascapes and villages that you can experience on a trip to this enchanting Greek city.