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Delphi The Ancient Mythological Heart of Greece

Delphi is one of the most exceptional cities to visit in Greece because of its archaeological symbolism and the rare topographical layout. Many people find that this area with monuments and historic sites dedicated to the sun god Apollo is an inspiring place to experience the Mediterranean and the mythological culture of Greece. Delphi was the site where the Delphic Oracle paid homage to classical Greek tradition, and it is also a prominent World Heritage Site in Greece. .


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Delphi is located in the southern area of central Greece and has a number of terraces and plateaus that comprise the geographical landscape of the city. The scenery of the area is remarkable because it is complimented by a number of Greek statues and monuments. Delphi is most revered for its mystical influence and symbolic heritage, but Delphi is also an amazing city because of its villages located near the edge of steep cliffs and lovely valleys. Some other interesting places to visit in Delphi include the Tholos near Mount Parnassus, the Delphi theatre, the mountain top stadium, the Gymnasium, and the Athena Pronaia Sanctuary. There are also museums and galleries so that you can explore Greek art and history at its fullest. The Metopes contained in the Delphi Museum are an exhibition of treasures that have been collected throughout the ages.

Ancient Delphi is one of the most fundamental archaeological sites in all of Greece. The enchanting spirit of the grounds resonates throughout the area making it an intriguing attraction for visitors. You will also be able to observe some excellent views from a unique vantage point by visiting Ancient Delphi. In ancient times, the city was regarded as the epicenter of the world, and the former Temple of Apollo can still be viewed today although it is in ruins along with many other important structures steeped in tradition and mythology.

For a taste of the excellent food and coffee offered in Delphi, sample the treats from Cafe Angora, Cafe Melopoleio, and the Taverna Gargadouas. For more information on attractions, restaurants, hotels, and culture in the area, watch a video travel guide so that you can visualize the importance and grandeur of the city. Holidays are pleasant and surprising in this area steeped in Greek mythology and rich culture; many people find that visiting Delphi gives them a more full understanding of Greek life.