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Kos -- The Island Dedicated to Hippocrates and Western Medicine

Kos is one of the Greek Islands that gives tourists the opportunity to relax on a luxurious beach and explore the rich cultural heritage of the area. Kos is home to a popular tourist destination and cultural center, and it is one of the island's main ports. Some of the culture of the area derives from the ancient physician and philosopher Hippocrates, and there are a number of sites in the area dedicated to his work and study. The most notable is the Plane Tree of Hippocrates, a temple shrouded in history and symbolism.

Most people find that the best pastime in Kos is just to enjoy the beautiful scenery and sunbathe on the gorgeous sandy beaches. It may take a few days to properly explore all of the beaches in the area, and when you travel inland, you will find an array of different landscapes and scenery that will make the trip even more remarkable. In the city, you will find a fortress constructed in the 14 th century on the harbor.


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Sightseeing Of Kos

Kos has a presence that surrounds the area and makes it a suitable place for tourists. As the tourism industry has flourished, many restaurants, villas, and other attractions have sprung to life all over the town. Kos town hotels offer you a broad selection of different accommodations, and you will find a lot of different options to satisfy your needs. The most practiced religion in Kos is Greek Orthodoxy, but you will also find a Roman Catholic Church and a synagogue. However, the Synagogue is not used to practice religion anymore since most of the Jewish population was decimated during the Second World War.

The culture of the area is steeped in Western medicine, and the roots of the life and practices of Hippocrates can be seen in a number of different locations throughout the city. Hippocrates is known as the ‘father of medicine,' and this is a fantastic place to learn more about his thoughts and discoveries. Other notable people that lived in Kos are Apellas, a painter; Marika Papagika, a singer; and Al Campanis, a baseball player.

The people that have lived in the region richly influence the island culture, but there are also a number of volcanic and natural splendors that can be found all throughout the land. Greece is known for its magnificent views, picturesque towns, and lavish landscapes, and Kos is no different. The natural beauty of this area is remarkable and truly memorable. You can find a video guide for a glimpse of the beautiful scenery found in this area.