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Rhodos Island Charm and Appeal

Rhodos, also known as Rhodes, is a Greek Island that is one of the most notable sites for archaeology, medieval architecture, and scenic beaches. The temperate, warm Mediterranean climate is ideal for a sun-drenched trip to the islands. The Island is nicknamed the Island of Roses because of the celebrated rockrose found throughout the city. The North is more fast-paced with a myriad of resorts and lively nightlife, and the southern area is well suited for a calm tranquility and a relaxing, secluded beach getaway.

Many of the beaches in the area have over 300 sunny days annually so this island is a premier destination for sunbathing and enjoying in the warm Mediterranean weather. Some of the beaches in the area are not sandy so it is important to choose appropriate footwear if you plan to spend the day on one of those beaches. Rhodos is rich with culture and heritage, and the town also offers the appeal of a larger city with the intimacy of a secluded island town.

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Rhodos Places to Visit

To experience the landmarks and attractions the island has to offer, you will want to consider the Aquarium, the Acropolis of Rhodes, the Avenue of the Knights, the French Chapel, the Manuel Music Center, and the Temple of Aphrodite. There are great restaurants in the city like Haiki, Hatzikelis, and La Varka. You can also choose from a number of area nightclubs and bars to spend the nighttime hours.

You can find a lot of activities in the area like sun bathing, surfing, diving, snorkeling, swimming, and hiking. The Castle with acropolis over Lindos, the Castle of Monolithos, the Cape Prasonisi, the Valley of the Butterflies, the Palace of the Prince Grand Master, and the Street of Knights are some of the historical sites in the city. There are a number of great sites to visit, and a video can help you see the area to determine where you want to spend your time.

There are a lot of attractions to visit in the area, but you may want to spend most of your time enjoying the warm weather and the excellent accommodations in the area. Rhodos travel can include staying quaint villas, taking charming ferries on the water, or watching the exquisite sunsets from many of the wonderful vantage points in the city. You can also find a beach hotel in a video travel guide to plan your ideal holiday on the sea.