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Hungary has an engaging tourism industry, ranking in the top 15 most traveled countries in 2002. Since then, tourism has increased in the nation with the most popular travel destination being the capital, Budapest. A guide to Hungary travel can help to select the best places to visit on an excursion to Hungary. Lake Balaton is an attractive tourist destination also because it is a large, fascinating freshwater lake. This lake is sometimes warmly referred to as the “Hungarian Sea” because the country does not have any beaches or coastland. Situated around lake Balaton is a rich historical culture alive with intriguing architectural designs and the Badascony volcanic mountainside.


Landmarks, museums, parks, and churches all await you in Budapest, Hungary. Travel options are diverse allowing for the visitor to choose between different options to find a preferred way to travel. One of the most stunning attractions in Budapest is the Buda castle. This location contains several different museums including the Hungarian National Gallery. In addition to museums, Budapest offers three opera houses to enjoy a taste of cultural traditions and sophistication.


Hungary is also known for its natural thermal springs. These are generally used in spa treatments, but there are over 1,000 that can be found and explored inside the country. The heated water is used to loosen tight muscles and for rest and relaxation purposes in spa treatments. The city of Budapest itself has over 100 thermal baths that can go from lukewarm to scorching. Another interesting attraction in Budapest is the underground caves. Tourists can explore a few of these caves, and they are popular places to visit while traveling through the Budapest.


Hungary has a variety of airports for transportation, and flights are the most common way to enter the country. The Budapest International airport is probably the best way to enter the country since you can explore the city and then make your way to other outlying regions. Some tips for travel to Hungary can be found in video travel guides or leaflets, brochures, and books. Hungarian is the language primarily spoken in Hungary so it is important to have an understanding of some key words and phrases so you can communicate with the people if you get lost or need help finding a location. Hungarians use the Forint as their form of currency, so also note the current exchange rates before setting off on a trip to Hungary .


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