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The capital of Hungary, Budapest is found in the north central part of the country. As the largest city in the country, Budapest travel provides the opportunity to experience a diverse culture, rich history, and a plethora of landmarks. When you include Budapest in your travel plans, you will be exposed to landmarks and artifacts that date back thousands of years. First inhabited before the year 1 AD, Budapest has an impressively long history and is a wonderfully rich area to visit.

Budapest is divided into 23 unique districts and those districts are separated into several regions. Buda, Castle Hill, and Pest make up the city and they each offer a multitude of attractions. During your stay, you will be able to visit various prominent cities by train or bus, including Austria, France, Germany, Russia, and Turkey. The buses in the area make it easy to enjoy daytrips to many other Hungarian cities and nearby international cities.


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The city is easy to tour on foot or via public transport. There are numerous areas to include in Budapest travel. The Royal Palace is Castle Hill's most popular landmark. Within the Royal Palace are several other areas, making it an ideal part of your trip to Budapest. In downtown Pest, you'll find the Parliament Building, St. Stephen's Basilica, and the Great Synagogue and the Jewish Museum. Buda is home to the Victor Vasarely Museum, the Kassak Museum, Aquincum, and Statue Park.

Each area of Budapest offers an abundant assortment of places to see and things to do. You will also find many cultural venues, such as operas, theatres, and cinemas, along with a wealth of eateries, pubs, and cafes. With a long history and endless opportunities to view the sights, Budapest travel is the perfect choice for travelers from around the world.