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Found in Hungary's Transdanubian region, Lake Balaton is an exciting and picturesque tourist destination. The area is based around its proximity to the beautiful lake of the same name, which is a massive body of water with many cities surrounding it. Also referred to as the Hungarian Sea, it is the largest body of water in this landlocked country. Lake Balaton travel allows you to explore many interesting areas, making it the perfect vacation spot for vacationers from around the world.

The cities surrounding Lake Balaton include resorts, hiking areas, and rustic towns with a quaint atmosphere. Such a diverse assortment of options makes it easy to visit a wide variety of settings during your stay. One of the most popular destinations found here is Siofok. Found on the south coast of the lake, it is one of the country's most popular resort areas.


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Lake Balaton, Hungary travel makes it easy to visit a multitude of outdoor areas. The Balaton Uplands National Park is one of the most popular outdoor areas. Located north of Lake Balaton, it is a large wilderness area that is easy to enjoy. There are many other areas of interest throughout the Lake Balaton area. They include House of Forests Bakonybel, Buffalo Reserve Kapolnapuszta, Manor Salfold, Hegyestu Geological Exhibition Site Monoszlo, Csodabogyos Cave Balatonederics, and Folk House Vors.

Lake Balaton travelers are also privy to a plethora of activities during their stay. You can enjoy hiking, thermal spas, swimming, sailing, kite surfing, and visiting one of several wine cellars in the area. There are also many local eateries, pubs, and various lodging options that provide stunning views of Lake Balaton. When you visit this beautiful area of Hungary, you will be able to appreciate the country's history and visit some of its most stunning scenery.