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Welcome to City of Pecs

Situated on the Mecsek Mountains, Pecs is located in Hungary's southwest region. Sharing a border with Croatia, Pecs travel provides easy access to many nearby areas of interest, which can be visited by train or bus. Dating back to the 2 nd Century, Pecs travel allows you to explore some of the most historic areas in Europe. Its diverse culture and stunning scenery makes Pecs the perfect choice for a relaxing vacation.


While in Pecs, you can visit Budapest, Sarajevo, and various Croatian cities by train. There is also bus access to many nearby cities, which make perfect daytrips during your vacation. Throughout Pecs, you can visit many landmarks easily on foot or you can opt for taxi service throughout the area. Pecs, Hungary travel allows you to visit many museums, churches, shops, and eateries, making it easy to enjoy your stay in this historic city.


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Sightseeing Of Pecs

Pecs is scattered with many early Christian monuments. As the remains of the Roman city of Sopianae, you can view many artifacts and ruins from that time, all of which are exciting and easily accessible. The Mosque of Pasha Quasim is another point of interest in Pecs and it can be found in the main square of the city. Some of the popular museums in the city include the Vasarely, Csontivary, and the Zsolnay Museums.

Pecs travel also allows you to browse many shops, which are filled with porcelain items, local crafts, and art from the region. You will also be able to partake in dozens of ethnically diverse restaurants and cafes during your trip, along with many pubs. Endless opportunities to relax and take in the scenery make Pecs travel the perfect way to appreciate the rich history of this area. As one of Hungary's University towns, Pecs has a vibrant atmosphere that is easy to enjoy.