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Welcome to City of Sopron


Found along the border with Austria in Hungary, Sopron dates back to Ancient times. Its location near Lakes Neusiedl and Ferto provide visitors with many scenic areas to take pleasure in during Sopron travel excursions. First settled around the 9 th Century, this region is steeped with history and offers access to a plethora of landmarks from various eras. Today, Sopron is known as a wine district and is considered to be an exciting travel destination, attracting visitors from around the world.

Sopron travel makes excursions to nearby areas easy—you can travel to Vienna and many other areas by car. You will be able to gain access to the prominent Sopron landmarks on foot or you can opt to take advantage of the convenient public transport lines throughout the area. There are a variety of landmarks and activities, all of which make Sopron travel enjoyable for the whole family.



Sopron Map


Sightseeing Of Sopron

There are many popular tourist destinations throughout Sopron and the surrounding areas. While there, most visitors include a visit to the City Centre, Firewatch Tower, Kecske Church, City Hall, and Gambrinus House (Old City Hall). The Chemist's Museum is a popular tourist attraction and it dates back to around the 15 th Century, making it one of the oldest structures in the area. Another area museum is the Mining Museum, which is found in Palais Esterhazy. Castle Esterhazy in neighboring Fertod is a common excursion for visitors to the area.

Sopron travel often includes visits to area vineyards or wine cellars as well as shopping excursions. Most travelers prefer a shopping trip in Sopron than across the border in Austria, where prices are much higher. You will also be able to visit many eateries, which represent various cultures. With much to see and do throughout Sopron, it makes the perfect travel destination for tourists from all around.


St. Michael Church with tower (15th century, Szent Mihaly utca)


Mining Museum in Palais Esterhazy.


Liszt Ferenc Cultural Centre on the Szechenyi square