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Welcome to City of Tokaj

Found in northern Hungary, Tokaj is one of its most historic towns. Its location just outside the popular city of Miskold makes it easy to visit nearby areas during your Tokaj, Hungary travel excursion. The area is a prominent wine-growing region, which has been one of the main attractions for tourists to the area. As the central area in the famous wine district of Tokaj-Hegyalja, Tokaj visitors almost always include wine tastings in their trip. First settled in or before the 14 th Century, the area is rich with landmarks and interesting attractions.

While visiting Tokaj, you can venture to Budapest via train, which is the perfect daytrip during your stay. Getting around the town itself is easy—its size makes it possible to see most sights on foot. You can also enjoy excursions by boat and there are many wine buses through the region that offer tours of prominent vineyards. Popular neighboring villages, which are worth including in your vacation, include Tarcal and Szerencs, both of which you can access by train.


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Sightseeing Of Tokaj

Tokaj travel includes the opportunity to partake in a multitude of activities. Most tourists include a visit to Kapasz-hegy or Bald Mountain. There are also wine seminars and many wine cellars to tour, along with wine ship tours, wine festivals, and many other wine-related activities. The Tokaj Museum is another prominent landmark, if you want to learn about the area's history. Fishing is a common pastime in Tokaj as well, making it a relaxing activity to include in your vacation.

There are many eateries and endless areas in which to enjoy a wine or other drinks. The area restaurants make it possible to enjoy an eclectic collection of flavors during your stay. If you want to enjoy the most prominent wine district in Hungary, which also happens to be an area rich with history, Tokaj travel is the perfect option.