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Welcome to City of Myvatn

If you are planning to do some Porsmork travel while on a visit to Iceland you should know that it is located in the South Iceland area, which is known to be one of the most beautiful natural places in the world. This is the region that is home to many of the best waterfalls, and is also connected deeply to the country's Viking past too. Travelers will encounter the Gullfoss (a 32m double waterfall), Geysir (which is where the name geyser actually began), Pingvellir (the most popular national park in the country), and Porsmork.

Porsmork is a gorgeous valley set at the base of three massive glaciers and surrounded by silt-heavy river valleys, twisting gorges, alpine fields, and impressive scenery. It means “Thor's Wood” and does have that general air of mystical enchantment that would be associated with this famous Viking legend.


Myvatn Map


Sightseeing Of Myvatn

Travelers come to Porsmork for its massive network of marked hiking trails, its picturesque campground, and its moss-covered caves. It is a prime example of the general appeal of the South Iceland area, but it is a bit colder than most of the other coastal regions. Because of this it is recommended to plan travel during the warmer months of July and August. Even then, however, the daytime temperatures average at less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that packing plenty of clothing and food is essential. Travelers might also take advantage of the different cabins and bungalows available as accommodations too. Many people come to Porsmork for day trips, but one to three days is really the most recommended length of time to explore the region fully.

Be sure to bring hiking boots with plenty of support for the ankles since the terrain is frequently “craggy” lava rock, or covered with moss that may be quite springy, but which also hides holes and cracks quite well.