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Reykjavik Travel

Welcome to City of Reykjavik

Travelers to Reykjavik, Iceland will be immediately impressed by the friendliness and the “small town” feel that they enjoy throughout this capital city. It is definitely a walking city and pedestrians are often astounded to have a city driver stop their car and wave them safely across the street! This also makes it a fantastic town for bicyclists too.

Reykjavik travel is very simple because the city is laid out so nicely. There is the charming Old Town district with many older and distinctive houses, and this is certainly the spot to bring out the camera. The Perlan or Pearl area is also one of the more photogenic locations in the city, and provides travelers and residents alike with access to a rotating restaurant and free viewing platform to use for the wonderful views. Another splendid view can be enjoyed from the Imagine Peace Tower on Vioey Island, and this is a memorial built by Yoko Ono to her late husband John Lennon.

Top 10 Attractions in Reykjavik

Reykjavik City Hall is set within the Tjornin Lake area and this is where many families gather to enjoy the pond, to feed the ducks, and to spend a relaxing afternoon. In fact, it quickly dawns on a traveler that the city of Reykjavik is distinctly non-touristic and that few of their experiences in the city will feel as if they are a tourist. Rather, most experiences are enjoyed right alongside everyday residents (the population of the region is less than 200,000).

The parliament buildings are known as the Althingi, and these are set alongside the Austurvollur, which is a lovely green park in the heart of the city and near Tjornin Lake. In this neighborhood a traveler will find the National Cathedral, which is a relatively small church as compared to more famous Hallgrimskirkja, which towers over the entire city.

Finally, for a small city, Reykjavik has an impressive number of museums. There is the Museum of Photography, the Art Museum, the National Museum, The Culture House, and even the Zoo.

Though small, the city of Reykjavik has a lot to offer to visitors, and is among the most popular destinations in Iceland.