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Vestmannaeyjar Travel


Welcome to City of Vestmannaeyjar

As soon as you look at a map of Vestmannaeyjar off the southwestern coast of Iceland you might wonder why someone would plan a bit of Vestmannaeyjar travel. After all, it is a relatively small island with less than 5,000 full time inhabitants. If you begin to dig a bit deeper, however, you would discover some very interesting things about Vestmannaeyjar .

For one thing, it has one of the most dramatic landscapes imaginable thanks to its formation from volcanic eruptions. This is the reason for the impressively steep sea cliffs and the subsequent appearance of many kinds of marine birds. There are also very recent lava fields that include a geothermal area that residents have tapped into to heat and cool their homes! This field is so massive that it also contains a lava garden and an oasis too.

Vestmannaeyjar is also lucky enough to have made “Golf Digest's” list of the 200 best golf courses in the worldm and its nine or eighteen hole course is one of the most beautiful places in the country.


Vestmannaeyjar Map


Sightseeing Of Vestmannaeyjar

Many people come to the island in order to climb Heimaklettur, which is the highest rock formation on the island, but which also offers one of the most impressive views imaginable. It seems to rise straight from the center of the downtown area, and is not too much of a challenge to climb thanks to the many ladders and paths placed there by the inhabitants.

If you want to make a visit to the windiest place in all of Iceland you can drive to the top of Storhofoi to endure the 100km/h winds and the amazing views.

The town also has a good natural history museum and the “Skansinn” which is the spot where the 1973 lava flow came to a halt. There you can walk along the lava and find signs indicating what lies beneath – usually old buildings and streets swallowed whole by the lava!