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Gorgeous Scenery and Stone Walls Compose the
Aran-Islands in Ireland

For an excursion into the wild and exotic scenery lining the western portion of Ireland's coast, the Aran Islands is a travel destination filled with beauty. The rugged, rocky terrain gives depth to the island, and you can travel by foot very easily even though most of the land is covered with rocks instead of greenery. Even though the rocks and stonewalls are located around every corner of the Aran Islands, there are also over 400 types of lush wildflowers and scenic vistas to observe on holidays to the Irish Isles.

The Aran Islands are split into three distinct, separate isles: the largest, Inishmore; the central, Inishmaan; and the smallest, Inisheer. To explore these islands, you will need to take a ferry from the west coast of Ireland, and in peak season, you will be able to take ferries directly from one island to the others. However, in the off season, you will have to take a ferry from the island to the mainland to find another boat that will be visiting one of the other three islands


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Sightseeing Of Aran-Islands

There are a number of attractions and places to visit during Aran Islands travel. The breathtaking indented cliffs plummet down to the powerful waves of the deep blue sea, and you will also be able to explore the inland area lined with columns of walls built thousands of years ago. You will be able to experience some of the most incredible views in all of Ireland from the Aran Islands. Travel here is an exciting adventure for any nature lover, and it is a walker and biker's paradise.

Other attractions to consider are Dun Aengus, a fort nestled on the edge of a tall cliff, and the Aran Heritage center. Both of these attractions will give you the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the area and partake in the rich history that surrounds all of Ireland. For more information on attractions, hotels, and restaurants, you can find a view or book on Aran Islands travel to help plan your holidays or romantic getaways.