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Galway’s Castles, Ships, and Mercantile Attractions

Galway is the fifth largest city in Ireland, and is commonly referred to as the City of the Tribes because it was formerly ruled by a number of different tribes in the 1400's. Galway is of a central gateway location and a growing tourist destination. Although the attractions in the area are not as numerous as in other parts of Ireland, the quaint city with the welcoming residents and valuable heritage make Galway a travel destination in and of itself.

If you are interested in seeing the attractions in the area, it will not take you long to see the Eyre Square, the Promenade, the Spanish Arch, the medieval banqueting hall, and the Galway City Museum. The city is great for people that enjoy walking, as you will be able to explore a large part of the city on foot. The Galway City Museum and the Spanish Arch are historical and heritage sites that represent the town's ancient military protection.


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Sightseeing Of Galway

There are a number of festivals and cultural events in the city that celebrate Irish heritage and traditions. The Galway Advertiser will have the most up-to-date information on events and celebrations in the area at the time of your visit. The Galway Atlantaquaria will show you some of the most interesting sea and aquatic animals in the country. If you want to see more of the city, you can find guided walking tours throughout the city or hop aboard the Corrib Princess for a leisurely cruise around town. The Town Hall theatre hosts a number of plays, festivals, and musical events.

Entertainment is a large part of the appeal of this city, and there are a lot of districts where you can find people playing native instruments or selling the artistic creations on the street. Galway is a more contemporary atmosphere than many of the cities in Ireland, but it is also enveloped by the Irish heritage, culture, and language. Irish pride is very common in the area, and many people love to celebrate their traditions.

See the bridges curve delicately over the River Corrib, and relax in one of the inviting pubs and learn about the life and culture of the natives. There are so many different opportunities for you to explore in Galway, and the you can find an accommodation that will suit your needs and make the trip enjoyable and memorable. More information on the area attractions, restaurants, and hotels in Galway can be found in a video or book about the city