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Picture a Beautiful Harbor and Colorful Buildings
in Kinsale, Ireland

Kinsale is a quaint, picturesque harbor city located on the Irish coast. Ireland is home to a number of fabulous cities, but Kinsale stands out as a hub for excellent shopping and dining as well as first class accommodations. A hotel in Kinsale will provide you with all of the accommodations that you want for your trip at reasonable prices, although it is best to travel during the off season to find the best prices. Restaurants in Kinsale are also excellent, and the local pubs are must-see spots for all visitors as it showcases the vibrancy of city life and Irish culture.

Culture in Ireland is around every corner, and in Kinsale, you will find a number of great locales to explore and colorful, intricately designed buildings lining all of the streets. Shopping and restaurants in Kinsale are abundant so you will not run out of exciting places to explore. For attractions during Kinsale travel, you can visit Charles Fort, Kinsale Regional Museum, and Desmond Castle. Desmond Castle is one of the most notable landmarks in all of Ireland, and you will be able to explore the preserved tower house and the custom designed architecture that dates back to the 1500's.


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If you are looking for more to do on your trip to Kinsale, you can sail from the Blue Flag Marine in a luxurious yacht or a small sailboat vessel. For more info on tours and attractions in Kinsale, visit or call the local tourism office. A video of the city may be beneficial so that you can see exactly where you want to go on your trip and find out the info you need to make reservations for the best Kinsale travel accommodations. If you are traveling from Cork to Kinsale, you can take a flight from the Cork Airport and then find your hotel by taxi or bus.