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If you are in the southern part of the Isle of Man, it is likely that you will pay a visit to the lovely city known as Castletown, which is near to the parrish known as Arbory. The Island uses a complex governmental structure of sheadings, parishes, and districts. Arbory is a parish in the sheading of Rushen, and contains the towns of Colby and Ballabeg.

Most people doing some Arbory travel will be doing so to enjoy the many historic antiquities and ancient sites that fill the area. For example, one estate in the region (Ballancorris) contains a tumulus, or mound of raised earth and stone, which has earned the nickname of the “Round Table,” and it also has the remains of an old chapel too.

The estate of Bimaken within the boundaries of the Arbory parish has remains of the old Friary Chapel. This has been very well preserved, with some windows and doors intact. Additionally, the parish church is incredibly historic and was first constructed on the present site in 1291! This site is well worth a visit and a traveler could spend an entire day exploring the Vicarage, the old vicarage, and the many buildings still dotting the grounds.


Features Rated by Arbory Locals

Colby village has a nice railway station and contains one of the 17 National Manx Glens, which are preserves and natural gardens. This town is also the site of the earliest Methodist Chapel on the island as well. The village of Ballebeg contains a few small hamlets. These vary in size and in offerings, but the hamlet nearest to the city of Castletown tends to be the most frequently visited. It is home to the Arbory Primary School, the Parish Church (already mentioned) and is where the annual Laa Columb Killey festival is held each year to honor the patron saint of the parish, St. Columba.