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Welcome to City of Ayre

If you are visiting the Isle-of-Man, you should make a point of arranging some Ayer travel plans. Though it is a “sheading” or local government organization, it also refers most commonly to the Point of Ayre, and is the northernmost point on the entire island. It is only six miles from the town of Ramsey and easily accessible by main roads.

One of the key reasons that people head to the Point of Ayre is to see the gorgeous lighthouse. It was built in 1818 by the grandfather of famous author Robert Louis Stevenson and remains in operation today. A second light was also constructed in the late 1800s, and it is known commonly as “winkie”, though it is no longer in active use.


Ayre Map


Sightseeing Of Ayre

The reason for the second light's construction has to do with the strong currents of the waters passing across the northern headlands of the island. These deposited so much shingle and gravel in the area that it was thought best to construct the backup light on the seaward side of the primary building. These structures are privately owned, but visitors to Point of Ayre can approach to take photographs. Ayre is also the closest point on the Isle-of-Man to the British Mainland. It is only 16 miles from the spot, and looks towards Burrow Head, Scotland.

Though people come mostly to view the lighthouses, they also enjoy the Manx National Nature Reserve surrounding the grounds as well. This is a spot for great fishing, for climbing the sand dunes, and for enjoying the enormous fields of heather and gorse that seem to fill the region. This is also a place to find some of the rarest birds, seals, and wild flowers in the UK as well.

The Isle-of-Man has a temperate climate, which means that the winters are mild and the summers very cool and comfortable. It has the same sort of overcast conditions as the mainland, meaning that a raincoat and boots are essential traveler's gear.