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Welcome to City of Eilat

Eilat is best known as a picturesque beach city with all of the attributes of the perfect vacation getaway. You will be able to experience the wonders of Israel and the relaxation of lovely beaches, water sports, and exotic aquatic life. Swim with the dolphins or take a tour on the back of a camel to experience the unique atmosphere found in Eilat – a mixture of beach and desert. The beautiful beach is only one of the naturally beautiful scenes that Eilat has to offer. The high peaks of the Red Mountain range surround the whole area giving you a sense of the truly spectacular blend of nature in Eilat. .


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Sightseeing Of Eilat

Eilat, Israel is one of the best locations on the globe for vacationers that want to experience all of the benefits of a beach and the grandeur of Israel. While you are in Eilat, some of the main attractions include Coral Beach, Dolphin Reef, and the Underwater Observatory. This gives you a chance to explore the sea in a completely unique way, and if you want a break from seaside activities, you can visit the “What's Up” Observatory to show you profound views of the sky above. Instead of viewing the surrounding planets and moons through an eyepiece, you will be able to see everything clearly in living color on a computer screen.

In addition to all of the exciting attractions in Eilat, the climate makes visiting the city even more appealing. The warm winter is particularly inviting for people who spend most of the season bundled up in parkas and five layers of clothing. However, if you prefer to travel to Eilat in the summer, you will be able to enjoy the Red Sea Jazz Festival and the Red City Music Festival. If you want to plan a holiday in Eilat, you will have the ability to do everything from kite surfing to exploring the Negev desert that surrounds Eilat. For more info on Eilat travel options, you can find a video travel guide that will give you a direct view of the area so that you can choose the best places to spend your holiday in Eilat.