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Israel’s Up and Coming Metropolis – Modiin

The young city of Modiin is expected to grow into the fourth largest city in Israel in a few years. Modiin may be an emerging city established in the late 1990's, but it has developed into a great location for tourists and visitors from around the globe. Modiin boasts extraordinary urban planning, and this has made the city equipped to handle the future growth that is expected. The city not only has an environmentally friendly road network running throughout the city, it also has large manmade green spaces that comprise over half of the city's landmass. This has made the city much more inviting for travelers, and it has limited the clutter and urban sprawl found in many large cities.

While you are in Modiin, travel to the Titura Hill for an enjoyable day hiking through the city. The hill is decorated with beautiful, lush foliage in the springtime and you will find a number of archaeological sites. You may also want to visit the Bareket Observatory, the Neot Kdumim, and Mini Israel. Many travelers enjoy visiting the monkey park because you can learn more than you ever dreamed about different species of wild monkeys found in Modiin. The weather in Modiin is very warm most of the year, so it is a great getaway from the frosty winter experienced in so many other parts of the world during the months of November to February.



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Sightseeing Of Modiin

If you need to find more information about attractions and rentals or help navigate the city, a map of Modiin may have just what you need. There are also a number of virtual video tour guides that can be helpful to planning a trip. Israel is a truly spectacular country with a number of interesting and exciting destinations, and Modiin is a place of value for anyone who wants to experience a new, lively atmosphere and a unique splash of Israeli culture and heritage.