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The Lovely Shores of Netanya, Israel on the Mediterranean Sea

Netanya is one of the most beautiful cities in Israel because of the stunning beaches and the unique shopping opportunities. You can experience a relaxing holiday on the beach or explore the unique city peppered with excellent resorts and first-class amenities. Although Netanya offers the kind of accommodations that any traveler dreams of, it is considerably less expensive to travel to Netanya than to visit the French Riviera. While in Netanya, you can experience exclusive shops, cozy cafes, and delicious pastries from the special shops and restaurants that line the town center.


Netanya's main attractions are found on the lovely beaches, and you will find all kinds of sea related activities to partake in while visiting Netanya. Travel to the city nestled on the Mediterranean coastline to experience an innovative beach elevator, paraglide over the crashing waves, or ride horseback on the hot sand along the shoreline. There are so many different ways to spend your time on the beaches of Netanya, and there are a number of excellent resorts to choose from when finding the perfect location for your vacation.


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Sightseeing Of Netanya


A map is very helpful to navigating the city, and you may also want to view a video virtual tour guide for a more comprehensive look at the city. You will be able to see the best sites so that you can reserve the best accommodations. You may even want to check into booking a Netanya apartment as there are many throughout the city. Netanya travel offers you the opportunity to explore a beautiful beach and relax under the radiant sun while you take in all of the beach sports and partake in the nature walks offered in the area. The seashores on Netanya are some of the most attractive in all of Israel, and by visiting Netanya, you will be able to enjoy rest and relaxation in a beautiful, scenic atmosphere.