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Rome's Enchanting Atmosphere and Rich Cultural Heritage


Rome, also known as the ‘eternal city,' is the capital of Italy situated around the Tiber River, and it has many historical piazzas, art galleries, fountains, and monuments. The Roman Empire's historical influence is still apparent in the structure of the Colosseum. Rome is home to nearly 1000 churches and cathedrals including St. Peter's Basilica, Santa Maria Maggiore's Basilica, and San Giovanni's Basilica. Many artists travel to Rome for inspiration and to view some of the most powerful works in history. Galleria Borghese, Museo Nazionale di Villa Giulia, and the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna are just a few of the spectacular museums that can be found in Italy. Travel accommodations can be arranged through a travel agent or from the comfort of your own home online

The Historic Center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With wonderful palaces, millenium-old churches and basilicas, grand romantic ruins, opulent monuments, ornate statues and graceful fountains, Rome has an immensely rich historical heritage and cosmopolitan atmosphere, making it one of Europe and the world's most visited, famous, influential and beautiful capitals. Today, also, Rome has a growing nightlife scene, and is also seen as a shopping heaven, being regarded as one of the fashion capitals of the world (some of Italy's oldest jewellery and clothing establishments were founded in the city). So, with so many sights and things to do, Rome can truly be classified a "global city".


Things to Do in Rome

The Festival of the Two Worlds, one of the most popular music festivals, takes place in Spoleto, Italy in June and July. It features concerts, operas and much more. It has become much more than just a music festival though. It also encompasses other areas of the arts. The town of Spoleto is only a short distance from Rome, so you can visit when you want some downtime from the festival. You can check out the sights in Rome for a day and then return to the festival in the evening.

Thousands of people flock to Rome every year for its numerous different things to see and do. After all, Rome is home to most of the famous historic sites that could be found anywhere in the world. It is also home to well known dining options and wine that is loved by experts and casual drinkers alike. If you will be visiting Rome, then you will want to choose the best places to go for things to see and do. Here are five places you will most definitely want to see.


Centro Storico

If you enjoy architecture, then you will definitely want to visit Centro Storico. This area is mostly residential, including small apartments and flats. It is also filled with street level shops, diners, cafes and markets. Centro Storico includes a number of small historic streets that create a maze like pattern. The architecture of the buildings is breathtaking. It is centrally located, just walking distance from many other attractions. Whether you visit Centro Storico to shop, dine or stay, you will definitely want to walk the streets and take in the Roman classical and Baroque style architecture that will surround you.


Colosseum (Colosseo)

The ancient Roman architecture is a major part of our history and that is why something so well preserved as the Colosseum is definitely a site that you will want to see. The Colosseum, called Colosseo by the Romans, is made of marble and includes ancient architecture. As the location of numerous ancient gladiator style fights, the Colosseum is historic and well preserved. If you choose to take part in a guided tour of the structure, you will not have to wait in the lines that can form quite long.


Basilica Di San Clemente

If you are interested in the history of religion or history at all, then the Basilica Di San Clemente is worth a visit. Not only will you get to see the most modern church structures on the site, but you will get to see the ruins of two ancient Christian churches built on the same site. The Basilica is a historic landmark in that it is actually three different churches, built one on top of the other. The architecture is breathtaking and the history is definitely worth your while when you visit.


Church of San Luigi Dei Frencesi

This church is known for one main thing: its artwork. When you visit the Church of San Luigi Dei Frencesi, you will get to see three paintings based on different scenes from the book of St. Matthew in the Bible. These paintings were commissioned over four hundred years ago and were completed by an artist by the name of Caravaggio. If you visit, be sure to visit when the crowds are low so that you will have time to study each of the paintings carefully, and you may want to consider spending a couple of dollars to use the lights and view the paintings better.



Another of the monuments that still exists from ancient Rome, the Pantheon was constructed during Augustan Rome and it includes breathtaking marble architecture designed and dedicated for 7 planetary deities. The best time to visit the Pantheon would be during the early morning hours when the crowds are lower and you will get to spend more time touring. The Pantheon is free, which makes it even more of an appealing attraction. Because it is centrally located, the Pantheon is easy to walk to and is close to other attractions as well.

There are many places to see and do when you visit Rome. You will definitely want to visit the places mentioned above.

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