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The Island of Sardinia for Sun, Sand, and Sailing

Sardinia is an island located off the coast of Italy, and while it is still considered an Italian island, it is heavily influenced by its own unique culture. The language spoken in Sardinia differs greatly because in addition to traditional Italian, there are four main dialects spoken in different areas of Sardinia. Most Sardinians will speak Italian to people that they don't know, so it is good to become familiar with the language before setting sail for Sardinia.

One of the most popular attractions in Sardinia is the coastal region. On the coast, you can enjoy the warm Mediterranean weather while you soak up the sun, or you can sail around the sea from Coasta Smeralda. If you enjoy sailing, then Sardinia will be an ideal destination because you can explore the beautiful waters and visit the small islands with the Asinara National Park and the Maddalena archipelago. For an underwater excursion, visit the Alghero area and see the breathtaking underwater caves while scuba diving near the grottoes.


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Sightseeing Of Island of Sardinia

In addition to the sea, Sardinia is also decorated with peaks and hills, and you may be interested in visiting the wonderful Sardinian ski resort during the winter months. Sardinia experiences heavy rainfall at times so the scenery about the island is verdant with plumes of wildflowers and fresh greenery dotting the inland area. Other than the natural beauty that Sardinia is well known for, you can also visit a number of interesting landmarks and historic sites.

Tourism in Sardinia has expanded the island to include a number of great locations to stay and resorts that give you all of the amenities you need for a truly unforgettable vacation. A map of Sardinia and a video tour guide are great tools to help you become more familiar with the area. The beaches and resorts are the most commonly traveled to places in Sardinia, and since the tourism industry has become more prominent, you will be able to explore the exciting culture that is unique to Sardinia.