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Sicily is a powerful blend of culture and heritage, and Sicily travel can include activities like visiting smoldering volcanoes, relaxing on a peaceful beach under the blazing sun, or learning about the rich history that surrounds the area. Sicily's natural beauty and rich history is not the only reason to visit Sicily because you will also find some of the best cuisine in the world on the island in Palermo or one of the other major cities. Sicily is home to World Heritage Sites found in Ragusa and Syracuse, so you will be able to see impressively preserved architecture from the Baroque era and Greek ruins nestled in a charming old town.



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If you are interested in visiting the beaches in Sicily, the most lovely beach is called San Vito lo Capo. You can stay here for a few days or a few weeks if time permits to soak up the sun and find tranquility on the sandy beaches in Sicily. If you are looking to visit the volcanic islands, there are a few travel suggestions to take note of. The Aeolian islands are also marked as a World Heritage Site because it is a spectacular site to behold and a natural wonder. Swimming on the beaches off the shores of the Aeolian Islands is an experience that you will never forget because the fumaroles give you the sensation that you're immersed in the bubbles of a Jacuzzi bath in the deep blue sea. You may want to consult video travel guides for more advice on the specific islands to visit while you are visiting the Sicilian volcanoes.

It is important to note that Sicilians do not speak traditional Italian, and some locals will not be able to converse with you because they speak their own native dialect of Sicilian. Many people will understand Italian, but they will communicate with you in a very different way that mainland Italians. If you need help learning a few common Sicilian phrases, you can get a translation guide or read a blog on how to communicate with people in Sicily.