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The Finest Beauty, Wine, and Renaissance Art in Italy -- Tuscany

Unparalleled beauty, Renaissance art, and delectable Tuscan cuisines are some of the finer points that you will experience during Tuscany travel. You will be able to experience Italian culture and history and experiment with the world-renowned fine wines and dishes. Tuscany is better traveled to over the course of a week at least since it is a fairly large region with a picturesque countryside and luxurious, sandy beaches.

In Tuscany, you will be able to see the original sculpture and masterpiece, “David” by Michelangelo in the Galleria dell'Accademia delle Bella Arti, and while you are in Florence you will also be able to see some exceptional panoramic vistas blanketed with beautiful flora and rich greenery. Florence is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy.


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Sightseeing Of Tuscany

Tuscany also offers you the opportunity to visit some of Italy's most notable museums and landmarks. The Leonardo da Vinci Museum is very popular among travelers, and the collection of Renaissance art found in the Uffizi Gallery is unmatched in any other part of the world.

Other travel ideas for a trip to Tuscany are to visit the legendary leaning Tower of Pisa nestled centrally in the square of Miracles. Tuscany boasts a number of gorgeous natural parks in the area, and travel tips on the best routes to take to these lovely natural sites are available in video travel guides or books.

Holidays in Tuscany are a traveler's perfect paradise, and you will find more travel tips and travel ideas by immersing yourself in the Italian culture with books and video travel guides. A map of Tuscany is essential to navigate the area, and you will find that the more you explore Tuscany, you become enveloped in the idyllic natural beauty and the charming ambiance that defines the area as one of Italy's premier vacation destinations.