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Venice Travel Advice

The Enchantment and Charm of Venice, Italy

Captivating and lovely, Venice is one of the most fascinating places to visit in the world. Romance is infused into every aspect of the city, with even the buildings reflecting a beauty that is truly magnificence. Some areas in the city have been preserved with the same delicate adornments that have embellished the city for hundreds of years, but tourism has significantly progressed in the past few years. One of the best ways to travel in Venice is to walk leisurely through the city so that you can explore the simple beauties that may not necessarily be listed in the travel guides.


In addition to the attractions, you may also be interested in the charming, romantic atmosphere of the city. The best way to experience this aspect of Venice is to sip a cafe by the water's edge, and wait until the sun sets to take a waterbus down the Grand Canal. The water bus (in Italian: Vaparetto) is more expensive than many of the other activities in the area, but it is well worth it because the sights that you will be able to see are irreplaceable. If you prefer a more intimate tour of the canals in Venice, then opt for the gondola. While this option is more expensive, it is much more romantic. Gondolas epitomize the beauty and romance of Venetian culture.

Things to do in Venice

Speaking of romance, a Venice, Italy honeymoon is not complete without a trip on one of the many canals and shopping at the fine boutiques that offer clothes and accessories from the most famous fashion designers in the world. Other honeymooners may prefer the soft romanticism found in the many restaurants and cafes, and there are also several small islands surrounding Venice. If you are looking to spend a day in the sun, then visiting Burano, Murano, or Torcello may offer you the respite that you need away from the noisy confines of the city and into the beautiful Venetian sunlight.


When you prepare to stay in Venice, you may be interested in one of the pensiones or one of the magnificently beautiful luxury hotels. There is a wide range of accommodations that will exceed your expectations. Any trip to Venice would not be complete without a visit to many of the fine restaurants in the area. The cuisine in Italy is unmatched, and it is worth it to experiment with several different types of food so that you can find out why Italy is known for its delicacies.

Venice Map

Saint Mark’s Basilica

First consecrated in 832 AD, Saint Mark’s Basilica combines architectural styles form the Eastern and Western cultures. When you tour the museum, you will definitely want to visit the mosaics, which are historical and striking. Additionally, be sure to stop on the balcony for striking views of the Grand Canal. Many people feel that this basilica far outweighs anything in Rome in beauty and historic value. Saint Mark’s Basilica rarely has long lines, so you should not have to spend much time waiting before you can tour the church, the museum, and the balcony.

Santi Giovanni E Paolo

Another well known church in the area, the Santi Giovanni E Paolo is a location where numerous statues and burial markers are located. You will be able to see artwork and portraits of well known residents of Venice. You will also get to see the famous Renaissance Equestrian Statue. Around the church, you will find quaint little shops where you may find a hidden treasure and cafes dot the area for a bite to eat. This church has plenty to offer as far as architectural style as well as historic significance.

Grand Canal

If one thing was more well known than anything else in Venice, that one thing would be the Grand Canal. No trip to the city is complete without at least visiting the canal. All along the edges of the canal, you will find Renaissance style structures, palaces, shopping areas and much more. For the truly Venetian experience, you will want to enjoy a gondola ride on the canal. After all, this is one of the most iconic things you could do while you visit the city. As you ride, be sure to enjoy the striking architecture of the palaces that line the canal.

Musica A Palazzo

The Musica A Palazzo is a Venetian opera house that is quite interesting and worth the visit. The house itself is a palace that includes stunning Renaissance architecture. Additionally, the house offers just three different operas. This will make it easy for you to choose the opera you want to see and enjoy it during your visit. The opera house includes an individual room style so that you will not feel as if you are trapped among hundreds of spectators around you. It creates an intimate air that many people enjoy for a show.

Lagune Von Venedig

There is another thing that you will want to enjoy in Venice. This would be the Lagune Von Venedig. This lagoon includes a series of small islands that are beautiful and natural. This makes a great quiet escape from all of the sightseeing when you need a break. The lagoon includes a number of restaurants to choose from, quaint accommodations, and artisan shops where you will be able to enjoy such art forms as glass blowing and lace making. You can easily visit the islands in one day if you would like to take minimal time out of your stay in Venice.

Venice is known as a true step back in time where no cars clog the streets and people travel in boats down the canal. Be sure to enjoy the sites above to truly enjoy all that Venice has to offer.