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Charming Appeal and Historical Romance in Verona, Italy

The romantic city of Verona creates a surreal, magical ambiance that you are traveling back in time to the era of Romeo and Juliet. The beauty of Verona is astounding, and you will find that the city is enchanting at all times. There are a number of great things to do in Verona, and you will also find a rich history and distinctive attractions to keep you engaged throughout your trip. Verona is famous as more than just the birthplace of Shakespeare's epoch love story because it is also one of the most pleasurable and relaxing cities in Italy to visit.

Verona travel options are almost limitless because you can find accommodations to fit in with any budget and you will experience a spectacular Roman city that has well-preserved structures and architecture that date back to the 12 th century. Museums, galleries, and churches are sprinkled throughout the city, and you can visit one of the most impressive Roman theatres in living memory, the Arena. If you are an art enthusiast, then you must not miss out on a trip to Verona because the galleries offer a glimpse into the historical influence of Italian art from the medieval era to the Renaissance. And of course, there is Juliet's House, a must-see for anyone in Verona. Speculation is that this house is the inspiration for the well-known love scene on the balcony during the classic play, Romeo and Juliet.

Features Rated by Verona Locals

For history, art, and culture, Verona is one of the most inviting locations in all of Italy. You may find that after you have spent a few days in Verona, you want to stay a few more weeks. To learn more about Verona, you may want to view a map of the area and a video travel guide to get you acquainted with all of the sights and attractions to visit while you are in the city. Flights run to and from the Catullo Airport; however, you may want to note that this airport is over 12 kilometers from the city.

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