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Getting to Italy

By plane

Italy has a national airline, Alitalia , as well as several smaller carriers, such as Meridiana or Air One. In January 2009 Air One and Alitalia merged, although for the time being at least they keep their separate identities. As a result of this merger, Germany's Lufthansa started an Italian subsidiary that tries to become a main rival for Alitalia with a hub in Milan.

Italy is one of the main battle grounds for European low cost airlines several routes to/from and within Italy are offered. The larger airports are, of course, served by the major European airlines.

Intercontinental airlines mainly arrive in Milan and Rome. Although a major tourist destination, Rome is relatively poorly serviced by long-distance flights compared to London, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid or even Milan.


By train

  • From France via Nice ,Lyon, and Paris
  • From Croatia via Zagreb
  • From Austria via Vienna, Innsbruck and Villach
  • From Geneva ,Zurich and other Swiss cities
  • From Germany via Munich or Stuttgart
  • From Czech Republic via Prague
  • From Hungary via Budapest
  • From Serbia via Belgrade
  • From Slovenia via Ljubljana
  • From Spain via Barcelona

By car

Italy borders on France, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia. All borders are open (without passport/customs checks), but cars can be stopped behind the border for random checks. Switzerland is now part of the Schengen zone, and ended systematic identity checks for travellers on land borders from December 2008.

By bus

With Eurolines. There are regular buses between Ljubljana, Slovenian coastal towns and Istria (Croatia) and Trieste (Italy). These services are cheap and from Trieste onward connections with the rest of Italy are plentiful.

By boat

There are several ferries departing from Greece, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia. Most of them arrive at Venice, Ancona, Bari and Brindisi.

Some regular ferry services connect the island of Corsica in France to Genoa, Livorno, Civitavecchia, Naples and North of Sardinia. Barcelona is connected to Civitavecchia and to Genoa.


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