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The Balliwick of Jersey A Top Notch Island Travel Destination

Jersey is one of the British Channel Islands located off the coast of France. The Balliwick of Jersey is an enchanting island with a flourishing finance district because of their remarkably low inheritance tax (zero) and a high standard of living. The language spoken by majority is English but French and some other languages are spoken sparsely throughout the country. The foliage and vegetation found within the country are captivating sights. The country is only 9 miles wide by 5 miles but this does not hinder it from tourism. Jersey travel is currently on the increase because the country is fortunate in boasting a well preserved coastline and a stunning atmosphere.


The capital and most traveled to spot in Jersey is St. Helier. A guide can help you determine the best accommodations for your stay. They have different resorts and hotels to choose from that vary in cost and quality. A travel agency or a company offering travel services will be able to help you find great deals on flights and transportation as well as hotels and restaurants in the area.


Information on this country is somewhat sparse because of its small size, but it has a tremendous presence of beauty and natural charm. It is ideally remote and secluded surrounded by water and sandy beaches. St. Helier is located on the coast of St. Aubin's Bay and features majestic cliffs and splashing waves of crystal clear ice blue water for a model beach vacation. People of all ages can find interesting things to do in St. Helier like shopping, coastal cruises, jet skiing, water rides, and swimming. The waves are ideal for surfing, wakeboarding, or enjoying the sound of the ocean's movement.


The Balliwick of Jersey has two predominant languages. The official languages are French and English. Most natives speak at least a small amount of both languages and are very helpful and pleasant to tourists. If you have any questions about locations, attractions, or accommodations, most native islanders will help you find what you're looking for. The British pound is used in Jersey so if you are not familiar with this currency, it will be good to find out the currency exchange rates before you travel to this beautiful and exotic locale. The shoreline on the coast of Jersey is truly spectacular making Jersey a perfect destination for the wary traveler that wants to find peace and solitude in a stunning atmosphere.