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When you make plans to do some Jersey travel you will immediately discover that you are headed to a very interesting place. It is the largest and southernmost of the British Channel Islands and is referred to as the Bailiwick of Jersey. This means that it is a self-governing British crown dependency, but is not administrated by the UK itself.

The names of the towns and cities on the island of Jersey make it easy to understand that this location is almost equally as French as it is British (especially because it is located only 12 miles from Normandy, France). The capital is Saint Helier, and other towns include Saint Lawrence, Saint Peter, Saint Ouen, Grouville, Saint Saviour and Saint Mary among others.

The capital of Jersey is Saint Helier, and roughly 30% of the population lives there. It is a pedestrian city with good infrastructure in terms of public transportation. There are also many excellent bicycle routes that run between the major cities, and these are also open to walkers and hikers.

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If you are more interested in the historic spots of the island, one of the best places to head would be to St. Lawrence where the Jersey War Tunnels are found. These were built during World War II and can help visitors understand the role that the islands played during the conflict.

All over the island are many SSIs or Sites of Special Interest. These tend to be heavily protected spots due to their ecological or geological significance, and these are often wonderful places to experience the unique biodiversity of the island. Travelers should ensure that they are permitted to freely wander these areas before making arrangements to pay a visit. The States of Jersey official website has full visitor details.