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Welcome to City of St Martin

People headed to the island of Jersey off the coast of France tend to always ensure that they make a visit to the parish known as St. Martin. This is due to its somewhat impressive array of historic and cultural sites as well as its scenic beauty. It is also one of the most popular spots for relocating to Jersey as well.

When making St. Martin travel plans there is a definitive list of “must see” sites. The first are the “dolmens” or Neolithic graves at the Le Couperon and Faldouet sites. They are the dolmens appearing on the Jersey ten pence coin, and have served as inspiration to many writers and poets visiting the island (in fact, Victor Hugo wrote about them during his period of exile in 1855).

Features Rated by St Martin Locals

The next must see destination is Geoffrey's Leap or Le Saut Geffroy. This is more of a folklore location than an actual historic site, and it is fabled to be a place of execution where the condemned were forced to jump from the rocks and into the sea below. Today, they are one of the most photogenic sites on the island.

Next on the list of attractions in St. Martin are the ruins of the ancient Mont Orgueil castle that seem to fill the harbor at the village of Gorey. There is also an enormous 1700s breakwater still standing in this same harbor too, and most travelers will find dozens of avid fishing enthusiasts angling from the stones each day.

Finally, no list of must see attractions in St. Martin would be complete without a mention of the dialect of the island. This is known as Jerriais and is Norman language still being spoken by some of the island's residents. Try to listen to a few of them conversing when possible since this is all that remains of several different dialects that have since vanished or died out completely.