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Welcome to City of Jelgava

Set in central Latvia, the city of Jelgava has a very interesting history. It was once a former capital known as the Duchy of Courland, and that has left it filled with some gorgeous, grand, and historic sites for a visitor to enjoy. Its name means “town on the river” and that is due to the fact that it resides along the banks of the Lielupe River and is surrounded by the canal known as Jacob's Channel.

Though Jelgava is now a very busy railway center and holds a strong position in the country's timber and grain markets, it is also a place popular with tourists. They make Jelgava travel plans in order to see the different buildings left behind from the city's grander era, to check out the different academies and universities, and to visit the landmark churches in the city too.


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Sightseeing Of Jelgava

With Jelgava there is one “glitch”, however, and that is the limitation on the tourism season due to the weather. The best time to see the city is from June to September when there are warm and comfortable days and plenty of fantastic local foods coming in from the sea and markets. The coldest months of January and February can see severe snow fall, and even the autumn and spring seasons can be very rainy and unpleasant. Additionally, during the rainy seasons the town can be inundated with flood waters due to its low lying position.

The major sites in town include the old castle, Rastrelli Palace, which is in the very heart of the town and was constructed in the 1770s. This was the home of all Curonian Dukes and is now the Latvian University. There is also St. Anne's Church, a Baroque structure in beautiful condition; the Academia Petrina; the Villa Medem; and the tower of the previously destroyed Trinity Church as well.