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Welcome to City of Jurmala

When considering a trip to Latvia, it is a great idea to include some Jurmala travel plans too. This is a famous resort town along the shore of the Baltic Sea and is considered to be the very finest resort location in the entire Baltic region. This is due to the seemingly endless white sands that line the Jurmala shores and to the beauty of the surrounding landscape too.

Of course, while Jurmala is known for its lovely pine forests leading up to the edges of the dunes, it is also known for its man-made wonders too. For instance, the city is popular for its unusual and unforgettable wooden architecture. This includes the many wooden cottages with their elaborate “gingerbread” molding and fanciful paint jobs. From the wooden train station to the Dzitnari Concert Hall, Jurmala is full of fine examples of wooden buildings from many different eras and styles. An inventory of these buildings numbers at 414 historic and protected structures and over 4,000 examples of general wooden structures.


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Sightseeing Of Jurmala

The architecture of the Soviet era is also interesting, and one of the most popular examples is the concrete giant known as the Baltic Beach Hotel which was fully restored and returned to full operation within the past decade.

The city is also home to Horn Gardens, the Majori Hotel, and the Sanatorium Marienblade (build in the 1870s as a spa facility). There is also the impressive Ethnographic Open Air Museum that shows what life in a 1800s Baltic area fishing village would have been like. Visitors engage in direct conversations with “residents” and participate in a range of workshops.

The city is also host to several world-class festivals including the Jurmala Chess Festival, the Singing KiViN, and the Jurmala International Piano Competition each year. These all bring large numbers of travelers, so try to make your plans around these events if possible in order to avoid the crowds.