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Welcome to City of Latgale

If you are planning to make a trip to Latvia, you will want to head to the “Land of the Blue Lakes,” or Latgale. This is the easternmost region of Latvia and borders Russia and Belarus. It contains around 1/3 rd of the country's population (with the city of Riga containing around half of the population too). Though this means that there is a higher residency rate in Latgale, it is far from crowded.

This has to do with the fact that it takes up around 1/4 of all of Latvia's territory, so it is quite substantial in size. It is home to Lake Lubanas (the largest lake in the country) as well as Lake Razna (the second largest lake in Latvia). There is also the famous and popular Lake Ezezers, which has thirty-six islands and a wildlife reserve. Lastly, the –Latgale region is also home to Lake Chertok, which is famous for its oddly colored waters and its many associated legends.


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Sightseeing Of Latgale

The major towns and cities within Latgale include Rezenke, which is known as the “Town of the Seven Hills”. It is the cultural and educational heart of Latgale, and of the entire country. There are many music festivals held here each year. Next is the city of Balvi which is well-known for its verdant surroundings and its location between two lakes that seem to frame the town. Finally, there is Kraslava which is a region split by the Daugava River, and which is a region with more than 270 lakes and which also contains the site known as Saleskalns or the “Sun Mount”. It is one of the highest points in Latgale and has the remains of a pagan temple that pre-dates the rise of Christianity in the area. Many people gather here on the summer solstice to enjoy the impressive views and the unique experience of a sunrise over such a mysterious site.