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Welcome to City of Rezekne

In eastern Latvia there are many natural and historical sites for a traveler to visit. The city of Rezekne is one place where many people head in order to see the “Heart of Latgalia”, and to experience the “Town of the Seven Hills” for themselves. Because Rezekne is recognized as the cultural and educational heart of the entire country, many people make Rezekne travel plans in order to attend one of the many music festivals held there each year.

Rezekne is the seventh largest city in Latvia, and it has a fascinating past. It was originally a hill fort from the 800s through the 1200s. It was then destroyed by German crusading Knights, and a new fortress was built on the spot in the late 13 th century. Today these are the popular Rezekne castle ruins that serve as a border along the eastern portion of the region.


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Sightseeing Of Rezekne

Because it suffered heavy damages during World War II, most of the city's original architecture has been replaced by 20 th century construction projects. This does not mean that there is a lack of interesting architecture in the city, and many of the churches offer some impressive and beautiful designs. There is the Old Believers Church, the Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral, the Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church, the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, and the small Russian Orthodox Church for those interested in religious buildings.

There are also monumental parks, a huge amount of green space, and several excellent museums for visitors to enjoy as well. These include the Art House of Rezekne Art and Design Secondary School as well as the Latgale Culture and History Museum for those looking to discover Latvian culture at a very in-depth level. The city is also known for its amazing food, with dozens of cafes and restaurants making everything from European “fusion” to classic Russian fare available.