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Welcome to City of Riga

When making any Riga travel plans it is almost impossible to do so without arranging for at least three full in town. It is the capital city and the largest in all of the three Baltic States. Currently, Riga is home to roughly half of the entire Latvian population.

One thing that a lot of travelers notice immediately is the fact that the city pays homage to its historic past by renovating, restoring, and preserving a huge number of its oldest and most historic buildings. This is one of the main reasons that the city is known as being remarkably attractive and scenic. This has a lot to do with the preservation of the city's massive number of German Art Nouveau structures and Old World charm.

Riga itself is spilt by the Daugava River with the medieval or Old Town on the eastern side. The city developed in “rings” as time passed and the secondary ring nearest the Old Town tends to be the only other area visited by tourists. This is the neighborhood around the Freedom Monument, which is quite close to Old Town.


Riga Map


Sightseeing Of Riga

Most people see Riga on foot, though the public transportation is excellent. Within the Old Town are the Town Square and “surrounding sites”; the Guild area; the Wagner Concert Hall; and the major churches. The National History Museum and the Museum of Foreign Art are also in this general neighborhood too. The Cathedral Square and its surroundings are near the Old Town as well, and this leads a visitor to the Powder Tower and City Wall. Beyond this wall is the Freedom Monument area and it contains, the Monument; the Laima Clock; the Bastejkalns (the park where the Bridge of Love and the Pilsetas Canal are found); and the Art Nouveau district containing an almost overwhelming number of buildings and structures.

We suggest that at least three days be allotted to a visit to Riga because of its many fine sights and attractions.