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Things to do in Latvia

  • Winter

    There are a lot of possibilities to practice winter sports - snowboarding, cross country skiing, downhill skiing etc. Ramkalni , Baili , Zviedru Cepure . Some of slopes are open till late night. Usually need car to access.

    • New Year eve : most locals celebrate with their family, but there's a chance to see something on streets as well. Traditional food includes stewed peas that symbolize tears: eating peas you leave all tears in a year behind.
    • International Ice Sculpture Festival in Jelgava, February
    • International Festival of Cartoons - Bimini in Riga, March


    As rivers get more water from melting snow, kayaking down the river is one of the favorite past times for young people. It usually gets warmer after Easter.

    • Easter - usually something is going on in town centers. Experience traditional Easter celebrations with swings and egg fight. Perfect time of the year to "indulge" in traditional balzams - a high alcohol content liqueur, and for cultural pursuits such as seeing the amazing Riga Opera.
    • International Baltic Balet Festival in April/May.
    • Days of Art in Cesis, April
    • European Undertaking “Museum Night” all over Latvia, in May.


    • Jani - on the June 24th, Latvians celebrate the ancient midsummer festival called - Jani. Before that Jani flea markets are held in major towns.
    • Country music festival - held annually in Bauska, around middle July for 2 days. European and US country musicans. Camping on the site possible.
    • Saulkrasti Jazz - yearly jazz festival, which is held at the end of July. Latvian and massive number of foreign musicians are performing live by the sea. Weekly gigs culminate in one final concert. Saulkrasti can be easily reached from the Riga main train terminal by train.
    • International Music Festival “Riga Rythms” usually held at the beginning of July in Riga.
    • Sigulda Opera Festival at the beginning of August, held in open air in Sigulda town.
    • Cesis Music and Art Festival. Medieval Festivity at the beginning of August. All things Medieval there - food, costumes, customs, etc .
    • ' Liepajas Dzintars - the end of August is the time for famous Liepaja music festival.

    Latvia has one of the longest sand beaches in Europe. In July and August the water is warm enough to swim comfortably. The sea has a very slow slope.

Source: Wikitravel.org