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Liechtenstein The Forgotten Spot in European Travel Destinations

Liechtenstein is an adventurer's paradise, and it is often forgotten on the list of significant tourist destinations. Some of the activities found within the country are scenic hiking trails that wind through the mountainside, mountain biking or trail bilking can also be done throughout the country, and skiing or snowboarding can be done at the resort, Malbun. This resort is much less expensive than skiing in neighboring countries, so it is a good way to ski at a reasonable price without most of the tourist clutter found in Austria or Switzerland. Liechtenstein hotels can range in price and overall comfort from five star resorts to small, quaint bed and breakfasts.


The capital of Liechtenstein is Vaduz, and it is the most traveled to area in Liechtenstein. A Vaduz guide can help you compile a list of the most interesting places to visit and any activities you want to do while you're traveling. Vaduz offers a wide selection of shopping including clothing stores, souvenir shops, and excellent restaurants to entice the avid traveler. The Gutenberg Fortress and the Schellenberg Ruins are both intriguing landmarks to visit in the area.


Vaduz also has a museum to find out interesting facts and historical information, and it also has an age-old church that is beautifully maintained and inspiring to explore. The Schloss Vaduz is an enchanting castle located on a hilltop in Liechtenstein. This castle is remarkable to view from a distance, and it is home to the royal family of Liechtenstein. While exploring the area around the castle, you may even be fortunate enough to encounter the royal family. The castle presently cannot be toured because it is inhabited by the royal family, but it is still a stunning sight to behold.


The official language of Liechtenstein is German but some other languages are spoken as well. The country uses the Swiss Frank as its form of currency so it will be a good idea to become familiar with exchange rates so you will know how far your money will go in Liechtenstein. Some stores may accept the Euro also. Restaurants in Liechtenstein offer a vast array of different choices. Liechtenstein is best known for its pastries and cakes, and bakery shops are numerous throughout the land. Liechtenstein does not have its own airport, but flights can be taken to neighboring countries and then you can find public transportation or rent a taxi.

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