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Welcome to City of Malbun

If you intend to do some skiing while on a visit to Liechtenstein, your only real option will be in Malbun. This is a village and ski resort high in the Alps and which serves as the country's only ski area. This is pretty impressive when you realize that the country has won more Olympic medals for skiing, per capita, than any other nation. This, however, has not had an impact on the costs of using the facilities at Malbun, and it is still considered to be one of the bargain priced ski resorts throughout the Alpine region – though few travel companies sell pre-packaged tours or getaways to the mountain.

The facilities in Malbun include a few hotels scattered among the private chalets and houses. There is no crush of weekend or package deal tourists to be found on the slopes of Malbun. The skiing is considered very reliable due to the 1,600m altitude that provides very good conditions. There are two chairlifts that give access to intermediate runs as well as the steeper and expert trails too. A third lift is known as one of the most scenic and takes visitors to the highest point in the ski area, as well as to the one popular mountaintop restaurant available as well. There are also lifts from the parking lots and a draglift at the entrance to the village.

Top 10 Attractions in Malbun

Features Rated by Malbun Locals

One of the “glitches” for those hoping to take a trip to Malbun's skiing resort is the fact that the drive is not suitable for amateurs. It includes some twisting and steep mountain roads that inexperienced drivers may find difficult and dangerous during the winter weather. Because of this, most visitors are advised to hire a local driver or a reliable cab to get themselves up and down the mountain. There is also local bus service from major cities as well.