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Welcome to City of Schaan

The largest city (per population count) in Liechtenstein is Schaan and it is also very old as well. Historical documents have the area first mentioned in the 850s, and by then it was already an economic center. Today it still has a very large industrial and economic base with more than 4,000 businesses operating in the region. It is actually a headquarters for a leading false teeth manufacturer, and is where some of the world's major tool and boat anchor companies reside as well. It sits along the border of Switzerland and features the same gorgeous Alpine scenery as the rest of the Liechtenstein.

Though the setting is lovely, many people make Schaan travel plans to take in the town's cultural offerings too. They come to visit the extremely popular TaK ( Theater am Kirchplatz) in the heart of the city, and the DoMuS (Dorfsmuseum) is located in Schaan as well. In addition to the more traditional theater and visual arts, Schaan has earned a reputation for being a bit of a “carnival” city too. Today there are several street carnivals each year including the Monster Concert, the Parade, and its annual street carnival too.


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Sightseeing Of Schaan

The most recognizable architectural sight in the town is the Schaan Church which towers over the city and has a massive and impressive steeple. The Schaan Vaduz Railway Station is also known as a charming example of Alpine architecture as well.

Because this is a pedestrian city, it is best to schedule a visit during the finer weather months. The continental climate in Liechtenstein means that it is best to avoid the winter months of January and February when heavy snow or rain is possible. Most visitors make sure to plan their arrival during the period between June and September. This is a time of warm and comfortable weather and when many of the outdoor festivals occur as well.