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In the southern region of Liechtenstein travelers find the lovely village of Triesen. It is the third largest municipality in the country and yet it is full of beautiful landscapes, historic churches, and even a vintage weaving mill from the 1800s.

When making Triesen travel plans it helps to understand that it is a distinctly “country” location surrounded by the incredible landscape common to the Alps. The population of the city is less than 5,000 residents, which means that it has all of the necessities of a modern town, but it lacks the crowding and the “hustle and bustle”. Instead, a visitor to Triesen will want to spend some time wandering the romantic little village center. Here they find many old houses surrounded by their gardens and vineyards. They will also notice that the town's two chapels have been beautifully preserved as well.

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Triesen is also home to an 1863 weaving mill declared an official historical monument. Known as the Kosthaus, this massive brick building appears just as it did when working as a mill, and serves as a true testimonial to the way that the town planners have been able to protect the “old” while bringing in the “new”. In fact, the “oberdorf” or Old Town of Triesen continually ranks as one of the most beautiful in the country.

Only a short journey south from the capital city of Vaduz, Triesen is surrounding by gorgeous countryside thanks to its location between the Rhine River and the Alpine mountains. This means that it does experience the same continental weather as the rest of the country. When making plans to visit the region it is best to book during the warmer weather of June through September. By choosing this time of year the traveler can ensure warmer days and nights, few problems due to rain or snow, and lush and pastoral views around almost every corner