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Welcome to City of Vaduz

The country of Liechtenstein is very small, and its capital city of Vaduz reflects this trend towards limited size too. In fact, it is the second-largest city in the country and has a population of roughly 5,000 residents.

People include Vaduz in travel plans for Liechtenstein because it has an impressive castle, several museums, and is surrounded by the impressive Alpine scenery. This scenery, which seems to characterize Vaduz, is best enjoyed from a walk up to the Prince's Castle. This sits above the city and is reached by a very gentle path that takes the visitor through woods and hills to a lower side entrance. Though the castle cannot be opened to the public, visitors are welcome to explore the perimeter and surrounding grounds, with their amazing views of the city below.

It is also common for a visitor to Vaduz to move on from the Prince's Castle and towards the Rhine River. At the end of this path they will find the old covered bridge which still spans the river. It is very rustic and open strictly to pedestrians and cyclists, which means that no vehicle hazards are present.


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Sightseeing Of Vaduz

Back in town, most visitors make a point of visiting the Main Square behind the bus station in order to enjoy the small shops, fantastic cafes serving regional foods, and the KunstMuseum. This is frequently compared to the Tate Modern in terms of the quality of the works on display. Its exhibitions change often, so make a point of finding out what is showing when you are in town.

It is important to remember that the country is landlocked between Austria and Switzerland, and contained completely in the Alps. This means that winter weather can be cold and severe. If you were planning to do a lot of walking and hiking while visiting the city, it is best to visit during June through September when conditions are safe and comfortable.